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counselingwithlisa - Turning hurt into hope
How can counseling help me?
Welcome to I hope this day finds you at peace with well being. I am Lisa Stewart. I have been providing counseling for more than 20 years in Putnam County. Counseling provides you a safe place to discuss sensitive issues with a qualified professional who will remain objective. I hope you find a better understanding and awareness leading to an improved quality of life through the counseling process. I teach skills and provide tools to practice a lifetime of mindfulness and healing. I look forward to joining you on your journey.  Let me extend my hand  to discuss your journey to hope by calling and setting up an appointment today by phone or my contact page for easy access and response.
I provide counseling for issues including grief/loss, depression, anxiety, problematic relationships, conflict, job/career difficulties, current/past trauma, eating disorders or other stressors of daily life.Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to provide you with counseling, support, and guidance through your journey.
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